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Steve Silver was born in The Bronx and has been living in Williamsburg, Brooklyn since 1978.

A Painter whose work was first shown in New York by Ivan Karp who also discovered Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein among many others, he has exhibited around the U.S. and in Germany, Spain, Mexico and Canada.

The Bike Tours began in 1991 with a group of German tourists.

PERSONAL BIKE TOURS, unique in their conception:

Groups of from 4 to no more than 8 people meet in Steve's artist loft in Williamsburg at around 10 in the morning.

Everyone is invited for coffee and cake and presented with a NYC cycling map.

The trip of the day is discussed and the bicycles are selected.

Upon our return, we are back on the 7th floor in Steve's loft for a cool drink and a chance to relax and chat awhile about the days events.

The idea of the tours is to present a grand overview of the city and encompass places most normally seen only by the New Yorkers who live there. For instance, Carroll Gardens in Brooklyn, Corona in Queens, Longview in The Bronx. Of course, we travel through parts of the city all know, but being on a bike as you drive across Times Square or through Central Park is to be in a different world. These trips offer surprising and sometimes astonishing views. Perspectives. Just take a look at the Statue of Liberty from Sunset Park, from the Brooklyn Bridge, from Battery Park City.

The tours are meant to be relaxing. And fun. There is absolutely no rush and no time element. Steve does not own a watch, therefore, no stress. Sauntering on a bicycle in New York which is actually a bike friendly city. There are more than 620 miles of bike paths, and more than 100,000 people are riding daily. New York is Green and in many places actually suburban!

Part of this experience is gastronomic and we will be having lunch at some very interesting, off the path locales. Russian, Greek Cypriot, Carribean Latino, Puerto Rican, Sri Lankan cuisine. (the average price for a lunch is $12). The only tourists who have been to the restaurant we go to in The Bronx have been Steve's tourists! Also: we partake of some of the best cafes in the city...

These are great bicycle tours! Indelible experiences. You will not be disappointed.

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